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Windows Information Data Gathering Script [HD]

  • April 6, 2018
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What steps are required to gather the Windows Information for support?


STEP 1)   Download  "Cavium's QLogic Windows qInfo[HD] Script"
Download the Script below to the server you wish to collect information from.

STEP 2)  Run the Executable "qInfoHD_Windows--[DATE].exe".
Right click on the downloaded executable and choose "Run as administrator".  This will start collecting system information that can help diagnose Software, Adapter, and Configuration issues. 

STEP 3)  Attach the "qSupport_[host]_[date].7z" file on the Desktop to your case.
After the script has completed, log into QLogic Support Portal and attach the output file to the case.   "qSupport_[host]_[date].7z" file can be found on the server's desktop. 
For instructions on how to attach a file to the case read Attaching a File to a Case.

The Windows Information Gathering Script [HD] is a complete rewrite that gathers the following system information (it does not gather any personal information):
  • Server Manufacturer and Model information
  • OS System Information
  • System and Application Event logs
  • Networking Information
  • Running Services
  • Installed Management Tools
  • Installed Adapters
    • Fibre Channel Adapters
    • Fibre Cache Adapters
    • Converged Network Adapters
    • Intelligent Ethernet Adapters
    • iSCSI Adapters
  • Installed drivers and versions
  • Complete Brocade Support Save (if installed)

Direct KB Link:
Windows qInfo[HD]:


Note: This script is for data gathering purposes only, it will not install anything or affect normal server operations.
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