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Information Gathering For Reporting A Fibre Channel Switch Problem

  • April 5, 2018
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What is needed for information gathering and reporting for a Fibre Channel Switch Problem?


QLogic switches have built-in commands that will help gather a variety of information to help diagnose most issues. Use the instructions below to run the Technical Support information gathering utilities and attach the output to the support case.

See Download Sansurfer Support File  for instructions

From the Switch Faceplate display in the QLogic Management tool (QLogic SANsurfer, QuickTools, or QLogic Enterprise Fabric Suite) perform the following:

Step 1) Click on the Switch drop-down menu.
Step 2) Select Download Support file.

Or, from the Command Line Interface:

Step 1) Log into the switch (Telnet or SSH).
Step 2) Run the 'create support' command.

After the Script has completed, log into and attach the dump_support.tgz file to the case.

For instructions on how to attach a file to the case, read this article:  Attaching a File to a Case