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Port Resets Cause Loss Of Server Connectivity When Hard Zoning Limit Has Been Reached.

  • April 11, 2018
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Servers Lose Connectivity to LUNs on SAN From Port Resets due to Hard Zoning Limit



Servers have lost connectivity to LUNs on SAN due to port resets from the Hard Zone limit being reached.


SwitchName: SANbox -
SwitchIP: *******
SwitchWWN: 10:00:00:c0:dd:0d:82:ed
Text: Maximum hard zoning member limit exceeded, Reverting to soft zoning. Requires port reset.
ID: 1004.0050
Time: Thu Dec 13 10:39:39.368 CET 2012
Level: Alarm
Port: 4


LUN connections can fail due to port resets from nameserver entries populating and overrunning the ACL ( Active Control List) if zoning is at the 64-member limit for Hard Zoning . This can be any variation of 64 members. If there is one device in eight zones, then it counts as eight members of the 64-member limitation. If you go over this value, then all zoning reverts to Soft Zoning. If the number falls below 64, then all zoning reverts back to Hard Zoning.

This occurs in environments where Hosts are being turned off and on. Printing/Digital Pre-press, CGI, Post Production are the most common. This does not normally occur in classic Data center environments. Where the Hosts in the Fabric are rarely, if ever, shut down and turned back on, on a regular basis.

Follow the attached procedure to disable Implicit Hard Zoning. This procedure should only take a few minutes to perform but requires that the switch be taken offline.