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What Information Is Requested When Reporting A Problem On The Solaris OS (Solaris Script)?

  • April 24, 2014
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Solaris Data Gathering Script


The QLogic drivers for Solaris have an "extended-logging" parameter that enables advanced logging.

  • For the QLA2300 Fibre Channel (FC) drivers, the parameter is in the /kernel/drv/qla2300.conf file
(NOTE: QLA2300 refers to the driver name and is not related to HBA model numbers. It includes 2//4/8Gb HBAs)
  • For the qlc FC driver, the parameter is in the /kernel/drv/qlc.conf file
  • For the iSCSI drivers, the conf file is/kernel/drv/qla4xxx.conf

Support commonly requests enabling extended logging to gather additional detail.  With the Solaris OS, edit the appropriate .conf file from the above list, find the uncommented "extended-logging", and change the value from 0 to 1.

With the qlc and iSCSI drivers, a reboot is required to activate the extended logging.

With the QLA2300 FC driver, you can reboot to activate the extended logging, or you can execute the following command  with driver versions 4.15 and above to activate the extended logging:

 /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig -d qla2300 -v

Once extended logging has been enabled, please attempt to reproduce the issue.

When using the driver to capture the issue, QLogic has an additional script that gathers the log files created by the driver.  The following steps detail the use of the script:

Download the script at the bottom of this KB in the file attachments section.

Set the correct permissions on the file.
#chmod +x

Execute the script file.

Email the QLogic.tar.gz file to QLogic Technical Support.

The output file can be found in:

Highlight the file, right click, and choose Save As.

If you are using Sun Explorer, Fujitsu fjsnap, or generated an EMC HEAT report or HDS capture, please include these files with the QLogic script output.

Note: This script is for data gathering purposes only, it will not affect normal server operations.