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Zombie Partitions On Adapter

  • September 13, 2018
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How can an adapter be zeroized if there are two partitions whose audit log is not finalized?


If the mco_username and mco_password are still available you can perform the "Force Delete" command:

./Cfm2MasterUtil singlecmd loginHSM -u CO -s <uname> -p <passwd> deletePartition -n <pname> -f 

Example Force Delete command:
./Cfm2MasterUtil singlecmd loginHSM -u CO -s crypto_officer -p so12345 deletePartition -n PARTITION_1 -f 

If the mco_username and mco_password are NOT available you will need to perform the "Jumper Zeroize" procedure:
See the attached PDF for details.